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Self-worth and feng shui….


Did you know we have a ‘self-worth’ sector in our homes?  It is often referred to as our FAME sector and it sits in the south area of our homes.

What is fame?
Fame is how we see ourselves, our self-value, self-love and self-worth… it’s our reputation, how we present to the outside world.  It’s the opportunities and recognition we attract and feel worthy of experiencing…

2020 brought with it an energy of growth and learning into our fame sector – our SELF WORTH.

It is time for us to embrace all aspects of ourselves and remove toxic belief systems that currently hold us back from evolving into the light and shadow that we are.

A year of forming a new and healthy self-relationship… loving all that we are and embracing our worthiness.

It is time to shine brightly, and say ‘THIS IS ME.’

As we cycle into our winter and the colourful, transformative astrological month of June, take time to reconnect with yourselves.  Take that quiet pause, clear your schedule and ‘to do’ list and flow with the current that is gifted in each moment.   Take time to intergrade all the change 2020 has awakened and challenged you with so far.  Be gentle with your present needs and give yourself permission to take that bath, read that book or simply say ‘no’ to a ‘should’ or ‘need to do’ situation. 




Get to know your present self…

Who are you?  Write down the shades of your personality without censorship or judgement.

How can you love and nurture yourself further?  What would your day look like with this in place?

Create a sacred room, space, nook for you to take a quiet moment to hear your inner whispers, that quiet intuitive voice within giving you new guidance and direction.



Completely de-clutter the SOUTH area of your home.  Think full make over!!

Make space for chaos and unknowing, so new beginnings and possibilities can unfold throughout the year.

  • A Windsong or koshi chime will need to be placed in the south area of your home for 2020.


Fame is also represented in your clothing wardrobe; your bathroom and bedroom space.  Give these areas of your home thought and consideration.

As you explore these areas of your home, reflect on whether or not they represent who you are in this present moment?  Do these spaces offer nourishment, self-love, self-worth, self-connection.  Are they an expression of who you are?

Let these spaces become minimal if this is unknown.  Make room for a new story to as your journey of discovery unfolds.

The beauty of this year’s ‘fame’ adventure gifts us an opportunity to truly see ourselves and love who we are, so we can share this love, respect and belonging with others.

Morganite and good old rose quartz

Self-nurture incense:


  • Japanese luxury incense with holder

  • Ayurvedic healing incense range


home and aura sprays for inner connection:

  • Yin Embrace Aura + Energy Spray

  • Social Aura Energy Spray


How to space clear…..

Space clearing is a must when creating your sacred space, for the home and office. Aroma, sounds and of course intention are the key ingredients needed when clearing a room of all the old and unneeded, to quieten the mind and create clarity and focus, motivation, to welcome in a new outlook, or to invite calm, peace and a temple space……

Space clearing can also be used on ourselves, whenever we need to reconnect with our center….. our own inner temple space.

Although space clearing may be used as a bit of a ceremony, where you use the smoke, sprays or aroma and sounds as a package…you can also use just one or two of these items for different emotions and circumstances throughout your day. I encourage you to use at least one each day, to create a shift in energy when you most need it.

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