The healing art ofFeng Shui

Love the space you’re in.


The home we choose, and the way we furnish and decorate it, tell a story of who we are.  Represented in our home are all our hopes and dreams, as well as all our limiting beliefs and fears; it is a perfect representation of what we wish for our lives, and the way we would like it to be; our home is an unconscious reflection of ourselves. And a perfect physical platform to create physical and energetic change!

Feng Shui uses the art of placement, movement, balance and intention. It helps us to understand how interior design, colour choices, elements and your environment can paint a picture of what we intend to create and invite into our life….whether we are aware of it or not!

Feng Shui shows us how to connect with our home, to make it a sanctuary. A nurturing space to thrive and flourish.   The Ba-gua’ map of our home, gives us insight to understand our homes symbolism and living potential and how we can be supported further in all areas of our life, such as career; relationships; health and abundance.

Feng Shui gives us tools to enhance the FEELING in our home; it brings to life the room we close the door on; it inspires us to de-clutter, to eliminate the overwhelm and scattered; it brings solutions to create a better floorplan layout; for warming a cold house; or unblocking dark and unused spaces….

However, it is also used to enhance your beautiful home… to create a deeper connection or to give guidance with elemental flow and support, direction in living more sustainably, with mindfulness and minimalism.

When you bring Feng Shui into your home you are able to identify the changes needed to create a more balanced, harmonious, healthy and abundant life. It gives us the insight needed to create a HOME WITH SOUL…..

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