Space Clearing 


   Let’s declutter together

Has your home been feeling a little heavy, stuck or yuck?  Can’t quite put your finger on what is going on?
Why life feels like LIFE
 is running in circles? Scattered or overwhelmed?
Do you want to feel greater clarity, flow and vitality in your home?

Space clearing is an invisible treasure that de-clutters the unwanted emotions felt within a space or room.
You know…. That feeling you can’t quite shake…. But it sits there, creating discomfort or unease….


why do we space clear?

To clear out the old;  welcome in the new; for finding a new job;  increasing business flow!
When selling your home – or moving into your new home! When renovating or building from scratch….

For harmonious relationships; for a bad mood or a peaceful night sleep;  better health; to welcome wealth!
For removing unwanted spirits and ghosts, to soothe overwhelm or clear confusion…  

An invitation of comfort; for more mellow and calm… it’s the aromatic, sound harmonic gift when all feels stuck. Or yuck!

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So are you ready to create a home with soul ?