I’m Tracy, here to help you to find the soul within your home.

I have 3 incredible kids – Madelyn my social butterfly; Amelie my creative beauty and Benjamin my surfing buddy. We live on the Mornington Peninsula, surrounded by to a hub of nature adventures, culinary delights and social activities! I love nature and travel – and I can’t live without sunshine and a swim in the ocean!

I have been forever curious about how we live and how we can live better. Be our best selves and live WELL….

My first baby, Madelyn, sent me on my journey 24 years ago.  She was my ‘ah – ha ‘ moment. And she gifted me the courage to explore and nurture my intuitive quest for awakening and living with all of our senses and potential.  

I began my crusade into natural therapy and healing studies 20 years ago – Where I became a curious healer and wisdom seeker; a teacher of Reiki; Feng Shui consultant and speaker; home whisperer; a space clearing devotee; discovering all things crystals, native essences, aromatherapy and sound bath healing – while exploring the magic of Pleiadian light work, past lives, kinesiology and NLP practitioners training….to name a few, as I still journey through!

But my true fascination and passion were with the home – Feng Shui and why we live the way we do – how our home can have a profound effect on our quality of life and how it can give so many answers to empower our choices and reclaim how we want to live and BE…

Most of all, I love how feng shui with the mix of all the healing wisdom combined, gives you a physical insight to complement any healing, wellbeing or bodywork appointment.

So let me take you on a journey into your home and living space…. Where you can meet the physical manifestations of your story. Let us invite a better night sleep; wellbeing; abundance a little tranquillity? Discover how you can make your home her best self with the elements; colour therapy and placement…. How you can feel supported and empowered with a blend of ancient wisdom with modern healing techniques; styling and home connection.

And let all live with intention!

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?