Japanese luxury incense with holder




Subtle and delicate luxury incense for the home, body and soul…

The luxury range is delicate and subtle... ideal for morning yoga or for inviting night-time grace into your abode...

Swallows in flight – sensuality
A delicate, earthy aroma of agarwood to invoke sensual connection and melody into your evenings

Ruby – Freshness
A graceful, smokeless aroma that invites a feeling of spring and possibility…

Pearl – sweetness
A smokeless, subtle floral aroma to welcome a feeling of grace and sweetness into your day.

Moonlight – creativity
An aroma of daphne flowers to invite poetic expression and creativity

Forest of flowers – harmony
A warming aroma of sandalwood, cinnamon and daphne flowers to welcome loving kindness into your world

Get rid of your synthetic, chemically dipped incense, the unhealthy and smelly one... Start using Incense for wellbeing.

Aromandise incense is a traditional handmade incense of environmental integrity. Using organic and matured plants, woods and essential oils with respect in preservation of nature’s therapeutic benefits. 

Intended to create an aroma with an emotional response of coming home to ourselves.

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?