Social Aura Energy Spray



I am a beacon for relationships that allow me to SHINE brightly.  I invite connections that make my soul sing with wonder and possibility.  Where excitement, love, joy and kindness are shared…and the raw, real and authentic are welcome… I am HOME.  I am free to be all of ME…  

cold pressed essential oils - wild and native flower essences -  sound bath healing - crystal stories - moon infusion…..smells like – a floral bouquet of comfort and kindness – love and excitement!

Want to know more??

How to smudge & palo?

Light me up and watch me smoke…..

And when you have danced around your home, in all the heavy corners and open spaces – drawing lazy 8’s and circles in the air…..
You can gently put out my fire in a bowl of sand.  Ready for our next adventure!

The white sage is a sacred organic herb used to cleanse heavy or stagnant energy.  It can also be used for clearing the unwanted and welcoming in the new…. Great to use also around your own auric field!

Palo Santo stick are magic!  They are a sacred wood, with a sweet, gentle aroma, used to clear that sticky energy we sometimes feel, and invite the ZEN we like to feel.  A morning treat, or an afternoon necessity…. When the energies are known to change and shift. Keep me on the fire for a little longer than my sage friend, to keep my smoke alive.

And remember – the sage and Palo are great as a team!

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?