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Joie de vie – The Joy of Living…..being.

    Every second year I return to my other life in France.... My second home where a different life awaits. It gets harder and harder to leave this little home, creating the question as to where is home?? So this time, a wise friend suggested I “ask France...

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Mercury retrogrades gift….

Mercury retrograde 18 May - 11th June. Mercury retrograde is a perfect opportunity for resetting our minds (and computer…. phone… ipad!), and for letting go of the old and outdated belief patterns…. You know, the ones that make us feel like we are on life’s...

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Living with GRATITUDE

  The idea of creating a webpage for my business, has been one of my ‘intentions’ for a little while.  However,  babies, a teenage daughter; travel and ‘life’…. seemed to put my web dreams on the bottom of my priority list! Now with my last baby off to school,...

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2015 – A Year of Manifestation, Prosperity and Harmony!

I don’t know about you, but 2014 was tough. Lots of confronting lessons and inward challenges!! Very happy 2015 has arrived! Last year was a ‘7’ year… a year of inward exploring. A cocooned existence! We may have been confronted (even bombarded) with old patterns and...

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