Mercury retrograde 18 May – 11th June.


Mercury retrograde is a perfect opportunity for resetting our minds (and computer…. phone… ipad!), and for letting go of the old and outdated belief patterns…. You know, the ones that make us feel like we are on life’s ‘merry-go-round’, repeating the same thoughts; feelings and responses.

This time allows us to see our life differently…. To respond differently and live the change we wish to see in our life!

So…. How do I embrace mercury retrograde??

  1. Feel your emotions – whether sad; annoyed; frustrated, overwhelmed – Give yourself the time to feel them. Not ignore them, or put them on your ‘to do list for later!’
  2. Honour yourself and ask what YOU need in this moment. Do not over book yourself unnecessarily, or ‘people please.’ Cut out what you can, so you can just BREATHE… in-between life’s busyness…
  3. Connect with nature or nurture yourself! Go for a 5 min walk on the beach or in the garden… Book in a massage or have a ‘love chai’ tea!!
  4. Honor your home… remember it is an aspect of you. If you feel to rearrange or clean, refresh…. DO IT! Make time.
  5. Look at your fame sector, in the south of your home. How does it make you feel? Does it bring you joy? Is it who you are now? Look at the objects and furnishings in it, and remember where they came from; where were you during that time in your life….how were you feeling?

If you are unsure of where your fame sector is, use your wardrobe or bedroom to bring in a new ‘you’, to update your FAME…

  • Look at your clothing – Does it express who you are or who you wish to be? Does it bring you happiness??
  • In your bedroom – What do you notice, or feel as you enter this space? First words that pop into your mind!? Do you love it? Is it an expression of you?

Make it your sanctuary… add comforting textures and objects of love and beauty…. Bring in some fresh flowers and aroma!


If you would like to know more about your fame sector…. you may like to book in a mini consultation to get you started.