teamworkThe idea of creating a webpage for my business, has been one of my ‘intentions’ for a little while.  However,  babies, a teenage daughter; travel and ‘life’…. seemed to put my web dreams on the bottom of my priority list! Now with my last baby off to school, the timing was right….  It was on the top of my priority list…!  It was time to take my business to a wider audience… (A little scary for me!) With the intention set, divine guidance stepped in and Kate, from a midday in may, appeared in that perfect moment!  (Thank you Suzi!)

I love the way all just works and flows so easily when the timing is right and visions are clear.  Kate’s attention to detail, enthusiasm, creativity, and imagination, created that perfect match to bring together all that I had dreamed, and more for a home with soul…. This match of ease throughout this web creation, attracted a party of helpful people willing to support, supply props and treasures to inspire and create the making of a home with souls photo shoot.


Now that the pages have been written, and the last image edited, and intended…. I take a breath and feel such a well of gratitude for how beautifully life works and flows when sharing souls come together with giving and generous hearts and minds….

A beautiful way to live.  With gratitude, life looks different!

I value networking, and have always made it a priority to share information, contacts and resources… as I believe working together creates changing results…. We all have gifts and wisdom that together help create change and harmony, good health and better living…..


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I would like to send out a very special thank you and big hug to –
Kate – A Midday in May; Koa by Kaitlin; The Colour English; Barefoot Gypsy; Ivan Martorell; Wally & Sandra; Milly’s Natural Soy Candles; The Huntress & Co.