the joy of living




Every second year I return to my other life in France…. My second home where a different life awaits.

It gets harder and harder to leave this little home, creating the question as to where is home?? So this time, a wise friend suggested I “ask France what it is I need from her, to take back to my Mornington life????”

Mmmmmm, easy…. I would find it and bring it home.   So the journey began, with mother daughter walks, and rock collections from our favorite beach in Llanca, Costa Brava…; It journeyed onto our favorite crystal man in Foix… With his new treasures from Madagascar… Then onto our culinary gathering of rillettes and cassoulet…fleur de sel…

Still not satisfied with my material collection, I could see it was not the right answer… The gift I needed to bring home with me, is the ‘joie de vie’ …. The joy of living.

The priority, passion and “wonder’ for LIVING and just being.   The coming together and gathering ease.  The time taken to eat simple, ‘full’ food in its ripe and natural beauty.  The confidence, certainty and knowing of who we are.  Connecting with, and honoring our needs, our boundaries.  The slow down, and giving TIME to ourself.  Our family.

So begins a journey of just being in the happiness of life…..


the joy of living





De-clutter the unused; unwanted and time wasters….

I arrived home, and I asked myself…..’do I need all this ‘stuff’ I have in our home?  Clearly the answer was no!  So began my ‘joie de vie’ de-clutter process.

Intention:  To live in the present moment, without having ‘stuff’ weighing me down!

Note to self  –  When future shopping and buying, ask…..”Why am I buying this?  Do I love it; need it….   Does it tell a story of ME, my family?   Does it bring me JOY??”

Express yourself.  Let it go.  Be present and choose to see life’s little gifts…

I started to give myself time to write just 3 pages a day, of nothing, or something….. time to check in with what’s going on, and how I am feeling.  Permission to freely express, let go of the ‘chit chat’ and make room for seeing each day in a positive light.  A gift, An opportunity…..

Stop being ‘wonder woman!”

What is it I need today?  How am I feeling and what is my body saying….
Stop saying ‘yes’ to everything….. To breath first; check in with self and ask  ‘does this bring me energy?  Is it something I want to do, or have to do?  Why am I doing this?’

Turn off phone; computer; social media…

Aaahhhh….. So much peace when we are not distracted by our little devices.
Take time to just BE in the moment without distraction.  To turn all devices off at a chosen time; day or hour, to breath and take life in….


Why not start your ‘joie de vie’ by booking into our Winter Healing Workshop, a night of de clutter, sound bath healing and body nurture…. see you there!

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There are also mini feng shui consultations available for a room, or a space that you may need a little inspiration and insight with to declutter or revamp….. even rearrange?  See how simple changes can make life wonderful….