I don’t know about you, but 2014 was tough. Lots of confronting lessons and inward challenges!!
Very happy 2015 has arrived!


Last year was a ‘7’ year… a year of inward exploring. A cocooned existence! We may have been confronted (even bombarded) with old patterns and belief systems, which no longer serve our highest good. However…. The good news is, we shed after a ‘7’ year. We learn so much about ourselves, to look at our lives differently. We become stronger, wiser and clearer about who we are and what our priorities are in life! We start to embrace our own spiritual gifts and being, and we discover how to best use and share this innate way of living….

So now the ‘8’ year has arrived…. Hooray!!… We emerge from our cocoons and are ready for transformation and laying foundations. Ideas are buzzing, and we feel more active and alive with doing; sharing and achieving. We also feel more centered, grounded and at peace with who we truly are… our ‘whole’ being.

Lets get started!

Put ideas you have been putting off into action. This is the year to start!!

  • Make sure you are well prepared in an ‘8’ year to create create new foundations and prosperity. Be ready for busy and productive work flow. Set your work boundaries; and remember to nurture an honor your own needs along the way…
  • De-clutter all paperwork; computers; phones – Have accounting up to date, and a well-organized diary. Welcome new and supportive!
  • De-clutter cupboards; draws and rooms. Especially in January, February and march! Bring in a lighter more focused YOU!
  • Look around the home at furniture you may no longer need, or that which is outdated. It’s a good year for change!
  • You may like to renovate your home, or areas of your home, to improve its energy flow to support you and the family better.
  • Space clear your home to energetically shift out the old heavy energy of last year. To create a productive environment for prosperity and harmony…
  • Create a 2015 visionary board of all your goals, inspirations, wishes…. Even wildest dreams!

Love Your Self - A Home with Soul

Looking after ourselves – the year of the yin sheep.

Balance is the key – Pamper the divine feminine (This includes the ‘boys!’)

  • Have a salt bath with essential oils…. Throw in some rose petals or chamomile flowers if you wish!!
  • Use your essential oils in the morning and as needed throughout the day. You may diffuse them or place a drop on the palm of your hand, rub palms together, then apply to acupuncture points or energy centers for healing benefits.
  • Smudge or ‘palo santo’ your aura when you are feeling heavy or are effected by outside energies or situations.
  • Use yoga to bring you back into the present moment; relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Use yoga in the morning to start your day – This brings so much balance and relax, particularly if you have a busy day ahead. End the day listening to a yoga nidra to realign and connect with your inner spirit.
  • Go for a swim in the beach! Treat yourself to a healing massage; walk in the forest; do some gardening; take yourself out for a delicious lunch; give yourself a day in the home…. With no phone; computer, music….. and just potter, connect and be!Nurture your home - A Home with Soul

Don’t for get home nurture!

  • Space clear your home with smells and sounds to bring nurture and balance.
  • Buy it some flowers and bring in lush plant life!
  • Light ‘eco coco’ candles at night to bring light and love…. To create warmth and ambience.
  • Place crystals around the home and on the land to increase its vibration. (shungite; lemurian; celistite; lapis; moonstone; rose or lavender quartz…. )
  • Cook heart warming and soul nurturing food! Make her feel and smell like a home!!
  • Lift your homes vibration to make life, which can be challenging, a little easier. When our home and souls are lifted, we attract positive and wonderful possibilities and insights. We see things through different eyes.

Book in for a 2015 consultation. See how you can bring in support, nurture and manifest into your home…