awakening the YIN  within us all…


Taking time to connect with mother nature is our YIN medicine.  Walking bare foot on the beach; going for a swim in the ocean; walking in amongst trees… all connect us with a quiet, wise space within. A quiet, balanced, all knowing vibration that slows the busy mind and scatter, and gifts us with still wisdom that shows us life’s priority and purpose. In turn creating greater ease, balance, productivity and flow in our days…


The ‘yin’ (female) within us all has been sleeping for quite some time.

We have become accustomed to a life of ‘busy’….. Juggling all roles…..feeling the need to achieve more, do more; do it all!!

As a result, we have switched on our ‘yang’ and have allowed it to take over or override our ‘yin’ within. Seeing confusion and frustration in both the male and female.

Yang is the male in all of us. The doer. The fixer. The active. The moneymaker. The physically capable and strong…..

Yin is the female in us all. She is the intuitive. The all-knowing. The nurturer. She is kind, trusting and gentle. She is balanced and wise. She is grounded. A supreme manifester. She has self-value and is self-empowered… She is kind and gentle with herself…she lives with her heart.


We are asked to reconnect with our ‘yin’ on an even deeper level in 2019…..


  • Take time to rekindle your connection to your ‘yin’

– Make little steps each day to let her in….

– Take a quiet moment; go for a gentle walk on the beach; wear clothing that flows with the breeze; be
gentle and kind with what you say to yourself; pamper yourself…..listen to yourself. Honor your needs and value all that you are. Get to sit and be uncomfortable or frustrated in your own space doing NOTHING.

– Get out in your garden. Connect with your plant life. Make it thrive!


  • Look around your home

– Look for the soft textures and gentle colours, fabrics and patterns.

– Bring in the dusty pinks; nude tones; corals; ochre; burnt orange; terracotta’s.

– Use natural or organic fabrics – textiles which are soft to touch and feel breathable, made with love…..

– Bring in gentle patterns of nature – flowers; feathers; leaves….

– Bring the elements into your home – nature collections and treasures.

– Use essential oils; candles; dim lighting; fresh flowers…


  • Look at your bedroom

– Is it inviting; soft; textural; flowing; wispy; comforting?

– Ask yourself what your room would look like if it were more nurturing; loving; slow….?

– Bring in soft lighting; linen or pure cotton bedding; plant life; crystals; candles; fresh flowers or warm colour tones on the wall and in imagery.


  • Explore your clothing

– What do you see or feel when you look at your clothing?

– Does it represent who you are today?

– Does it create a feeling of beauty; value; flow and nurture?

– It is alluring to touch and is it gentle on your skin or comfortable to wear?

– Do you love it? Does it bring you joy NOW?


Let’s begin in the bedroom or maybe a space for you?

Creating a sacred space …….

What is a sacred space?

A sacred space is a home, bedroom, bathroom or little nook that is imbued with the feeling of center……calm….nurture….love…. self….

It is an area of the home which is anchored with intentions of healing and retreat, an area you know the instant you are there, sitting in your soft, sunken couch, with its little cushion and fragrant candle, that you can just BREATHE and BE….

Using elemental Feng shui, colour and texture to support and nurture you..!

  • Clear the Clutter!

Put away your clothes and shoes, get rid of the piles of papers or books you haven’t looked at in ages, give your bedroom a good dust. Clutter is a big no no when drawing wealth and love into your home. If your wardrobe is jam packed, time to throw some stuff out, love needs space to come in.


  • Make It Inviting

Contrary to clutter, is your room so neat as a pin that bed looks like it shouldn’t be sat on, never mind slept in? Soften the edges with some lush colours and soft, romantic fabric. Go easy on the pillows, too many can be a turn off, it should look like you want to jump under the cover asap!


  • Clusters of Symbolic Things

If there is one of you and you’d like a partner, then clusters of two. If you’re already a family of two and would like to make it three then clusters of three, and so on. Symbolically send the message that your family is the number you’d like in your life. Avoid solitary items such as candles, plants, or pictures of single items. Light pink candles of that number in the southwest corner of the room where possible. Singles wishing to be in a relationship, make sure there is a bedside table on each side. Already partnered with children – no photos of children in the boudoir! Even if you’re trying for more – the bedroom is for sex and rejuvenation, connection and sleep.

What Else?

  • Don’t have your bed shoved against the wall, let the energy flow around it.
  • Fresh flowers transform a room and raise the vibration.
  • No television in the bedroom. Apart from nasty electromagnetic radiation, it creates issues in the relationship.
  • If you have an Ensuite make sure the door is closed.


Feng Shui for the office

Energy enhancing your workspace


Every workspace needs clearing. Imagine you could see the energy in a room. What would it look like? If we think of all the conversations and events that take place within our workspace, we would naturally agree that there are moments we wish to embrace, and there are those moments we need to let go of and clear….

Clearing our working environment creates clarity and invites the new. It is also a great way of creating prosperity, motivation productivity and new job opportunities.

Must have accessories which clear and motivate energy:

  • Salt lamp or onyx lamp to clear emf (electromagnetic fields – Wi-Fi; computer output)
  • Hi-grade Shungite crystal near computer.
  • Peace lily plant or other broad leafed healthy, lush plant (in fire toned pot)
  • Oil burner – (with clarity blend; basil, cedarwood, citrus for example)
  • Candles
  • Music (where appropriate)
  • Not led or Fluro lighting
  • Fresh flowers
  • Open window/natural light
  • Crystals of your choice.
  • Water features (size appropriate)

If you are using a computer, please make sure it is a laptop or flat screen. TV screen monitors create radiation which affects our health and vitality.

NOTE: use space clearing tools such as smudge sticks, incense, clearing sprays and Tibetan bowls on a regular basis…


Creating a space for success

  1. De-clutter your work space. Create functionality and enough housing for all your working needs to eliminate desk top piling.
  1. Only have on your desk what you need – there is no need to house 20 pens and paper stock.. a spacious desk with calming touches always creates a more productive and enjoyable day, filled with greater ease and success.
  1. Bring in self recognition and fame by framing your best certificates and diploma’s. Place them on the wall where you can see them, at eye level and above.
  1. Bring in imagery of success. This image will be personal to you. For me it could be an open field of beach grasses and ocean glimpse, rich in colour, happy….
  1. Place a running, clean water feature in your work space to invite vitality and prosperity. Clean,solid and soft sounding water features are best.
  1. Always have abundant, plant life or fresh flowers.

Where intention goes, energy flows.


There are many avenues to venture when it comes to Feng shul. I love it because it shows you the physical manifestation of our current life journey. Understanding this, we are able to change it…

Love the space you create to work in. Look at each object and furnishing you use in your office and be aware of how it makes you feel.

Most of all remember, where your intention goes, energy follows. Enjoy creating your space of success!

Set your intentions for your sacred space and working environment


How to space clear…..

Space clearing is a must when creating your sacred space, for the home and office. Aroma, sounds and of course intention are the key ingredients needed when clearing a room of all the old and unneeded, to quieten the mind and create clarity and focus, motivation, to welcome in a new outlook, or to invite calm, peace and a temple space……

Space clearing can also be used on ourselves, whenever we need to reconnect with our center….. our own inner temple space.

Although space clearing may be used as a bit of a ceremony, where you use the smoke, sprays or aroma and sounds as a package…you can also use just one or two of these items for different emotions and circumstances throughout your day. I encourage you to use at least one each day, to create a shift in energy when you most need it.

Space Clearing Survival kit!

We all have tools. We just need to remember to use them when we need them most!!

Essential oils – Preferably Young Lliving or Doterra – cold pressed, organic oils. Dab; diffuse; inhale; bath; or brush through your aura as needed throughout your day.

Crystals! All and any you resonate with. High vibrational. Lemurian; Herkimer diamond; Smokey quartz; labradorite; blue lace agate; celestite; shungite; ocean jasper, rose quartz…..just to name a few favorites.

Candles – beautiful, one you love that is a special purchase, a gift for yourself. Ecococo candles; voluspa, or any other coconut wax base is ideal. Light your candle each time to set an intention, a wish!

Natural incense aromandise, plant based incense. Light as you wake in the morning to set your day. To give thanks and gratitude. Put on another as the sun sets to welcome harmony and joy as the night begins……

Sage sticks or Palo Santo – ancient smudging with smoke is used for the real heavy clearing…. It is like the sand paper that rubs away and eliminates all heavy, downward negativity. All fears; worries, blocks, stagnant sticky spots are dissolved with smudging. As too are any unwanted spirits or that ‘yucky feeling’ ‘ I don’t know, not quite right feeling’. Perfect to use in stagnant or dark unused corners throughout your home.

Home and aura clearing sprays – a blend of young living essential oils; crystal water; aura soma; bush flower essences, healing and intention… use this throughout your day to shift the energy when its stuck or lost. It’s a game changer! Perfect to use as you walk into your sacred space.

Tibetan or crystal singing bowls – sound has a measurable healing effect on the aura or energy of a room and ourselves. It changes our cell structure and memory, lifting it to a more positive energy vibration of wellness. A must for everyone.

Plant life – plants clean the air. They bring in life and energy, prosperity, abundance and vitality! Place a plant in every room. Make sure it is lush and well cared for.

Lights and lamps – a lamp can be used to life any corner of any room. this raises the energy greatly in a home. Salt lamps rose quartz lamps and selenite lamps are also perfect to increase energy and negative ions to clean the air.

Make it easy….little tips to get you started into the rhythm…

– Have the incense ready to go in the morning – place incense with sand bowl nearby your morning walk to the bathroom or kettle!

– Keep essential oils in your handbag or in the car. Inhale, or place a drop on your hand, rub, and brush through your aura to clear away unwanted emotions, or to invite the feeling or energy of the essential oil.

– Have a Tibetan bowl on the dinner table ready to gong as you set up for dinner.

– Keep smudge sticks or Palo Santo sticks on the coffee table to remind you to smudge when times are heavy or ‘thick’… stuck.

– Play music often, sacred earth is always a favorite. Instantly shifts energy in the home.

– Sleep with a few crystals nearby. Have them on your office desk. (With a nice live, lush plant and salt lamp)

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