Wellbeing Aromachology Incense




The wellbeing incense range is based on the science of Aromachology - The study of our physical bodies healing response to aromatic fragrances.
This incense flows with the time of the day to invoke a desired environmental mood for an internal emotional response…


Citrus and oceanic aromaMandarin for vitality or Aqua fresh to awaken and invigorate.
Gentle floral aromaYlang Ylang for creativity and grace


Herbaceous aromaCedar for clarity and focus.
Spicy and earthy aromaCinnamon for calm and soothe
Grounded woody aromaSandalwood and Jinkoh for inner connection and harmony


Get rid of your synthetic, chemically dipped incense, the unhealthy and smelly one... Start using Incense for wellbeing.

Aromandise incense is a traditional handmade incense of environmental integrity. Using organic and matured plants, woods and essential oils with respect in preservation of nature’s therapeutic benefits. 

Intended to create an aroma with an emotional response of coming home to ourselves.

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?