What does
Whole body wellness
feel like?

Imagine for a moment, your WHOLE body experiencing total WELLNESS.

How would it feel??
Imagine if you were friends with your body. Giving her permission to become the ‘way shower.’ Teaching you how to listen to your bodies daily messages and the action required… Rediscovering how to trust your bodies organic magnificence, its immune adaptability and resilience.
Feels empowering, doesn’t it??

  • When did we stop trusting and listening to our bodies?
  • When did the artificial and convenient become a solution for all our health needs?
  • Is it because it is an easy fix? Or maybe fear?
  • No need to change lifestyle choices or emotional story lines and patterns?
  • No need to embark on the journey of ‘health accountability?’

This year’s 5 energy in our family and health sector is asking us all to step up and be accountable for our health and wellbeing patterns. To make some real changes that may require discipline, action and renovated lifestyle choices.

The instant quick fixes and jabbed solutions will no longer be our answer moving forward in the coming years.
The time for health changes and action is right now if we are to experience future wellness.

Use this month of September astrological energy to begin your health journey.
Get to know yourself, your body, how it heals, what it needs, what it does not…

Ask questions, do your own research, connect with information and practitioners that respect whole medicine solutions.

And remember, your body is an incredibly intelligent vessel, like mother earth. Always adapting to her current environment.

Imagine your body’s potential when nourished with accountability and fuelled with REAL food and conscious well thoughts…

Make just a small change today and say ‘yes’ to LIVING WELL.

Need some tips? 


  • Clean out your fridge and pantry.  These spaces represent how your internal body looks and feels! Is there WHOLE food present, food you can grow?  Or artificial, processed and packaged?
  • Plant a small heirloom veggie garden or pot. Diggers Club is a great place to buy all you need to get started. 





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