The new French words I decided to learn how to pronounce and embrace this year!   Living in this instant, present. Living in this INSTANT…. In this PRESENT. Like a child.   Seeing its world for the first time. Trusting and believing…. Knowing all is where it needs to be….. feeling, embracing and welcoming ALL emotions. Seeing each moment as a gift. A choice. An opportunity. A new discovery and adventure. Inviting curiosity and learning.


2016 is a ‘9 year’

We have spent the last 8 years – and possibly a few rounds more….. Learning and repeating patterns and responses in our lives.   We may even be on auto Pilot – “This happens. I do this. Think this. Say that”.

Our 9 year is our year for opportunity. To turn off autopilot and step out of our comfort zone. Turn off ‘repeat’ and look at each situation with a new perspective. ‘How could I do this differently?

What if we saw this day with spontaneity….. innocence? I wonder what new possibilities could emerge. I wonder what new adventures and opportunities we could bring into our lives. And I wonder what new emotions I may feel and experience??

So…. I’m going to vivre l’instant present…..

Taking each day as it comes, with wonder, excitement, acceptance and CHOICE…….


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