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Space clearing is a must when creating your sacred space.  Aroma, sounds and of course intention are the key ingredients needed when clearing a room of all the old and unneeded, to welcome in a new outlook,  to invite calm, peace and grounding……

Space clearing can also be used on ourselves, whenever we need to reconnect with our center….. our own inner sacred space.

Although space clearing may be used as a bit of a ceremony, where you use the smoke, sprays or aroma and sounds together…you can also use just one or two of these items for different emotions and circumstances throughout your day.  I encourage you to use at least one of these magic treasures each day……

Survival kit!

We all have tools.  We just need to remember to use them when we need them most!!

Check list

  • Essential oils  –  Preferably young living or Doterra – cold pressed, organic oils.  Dab; diffuse; inhale; bath; or brush through your aura as needed throughout your day.


  • Crystals  All and any you resonate with.  High vibrational.  Lemurian; Herkimer diamond; Smokey quartz; labrodorite; blue lace agate; celistite; shungite; ocean jasper, rose quartz…..just to name a few favorites.


  • Candles – beautiful, one you love that is a special purchase, a gift for yourself.  Ecococo candles; voluspa, or any other coconut wax base is ideal.  Light your candle each time to set an intention, a wish!


  • Natural incense  –  nag champa; les encens du monde; Tibetan incense.  Light as you wake in the morning to set your day.  To give thanks and gratitude.  Put on another as the sun sets to welcome harmony and joy as the night begins……


  • Sage sticks or palo santo  – ancient smudging with smoke is used for the real heavy clearing….  It is like the sand paper that rubs away and eliminates all heavy, downward negativity.  All fears; worries, blocks, stagnant sticky spots are dissolved with smudging.  As too are any unwanted spirits or that ‘yucky feeling’….. the  ‘ I don’t know, not quite right feeling’.  Perfect to use in stagnant or dark unused corners throughout your home.  Light your smudge or palo stick with this intention, and put it our in beach sand to care for her….


  • Clearing sprays  –  A blend of young living essential oils; purified crystal, moon infused water; aura soma; bush flower essences, vibrational healing and intention…  Use this throughout your day to shift the energy when its stuck or lost.  It’s a game changer!  Perfect to use in the home, around the kids, at work or when travelling to clear out ‘other peoples stuff!’


  • Tibetan or crystal singing bowls  –  sound has a measurable healing effect on the aura or energy of a room and ourselves.  It changes our cell structure and memory, lifting it to a more positive energy vibration of wellness. A must for everyone.


  • Plant Life  –  plants clean the air.  They bring in life and energy, prosperity, abundance and vitality!  Place a plant in every room.  make sure it is lush and well cared for.


  • Lights and Lamps  –  a lamp can be used to lift any corner of any room.  These must have beauties raise the energy greatly in a home.  Salt lamps, rose quartz lamps and celinite lamps are also perfect to increase energy and negative ions to clean the air.


Make it easy…. little tips to get you started into the rhythm…

    • Have the incense ready to go in the morning – place incense with sand bowl near by your morning walk to the toilet or kettle!
    • Keep essential oils in your bathroom, handbag or in the car.  Inhale, rub into an area of the body or place a drop on your hand, rub, and brush through your aura to clear away unwanted emotions, or to invite the feeling or energy of the essential oil.
    • Have a Tibetan bowl on the dinner table ready to gong as you set up for dinner.  Or let the kids have a bang and a play!
    • Keep smudge sticks or Palo Santo sticks on the coffee table to remind you to smudge when times are heavy or ‘thick’… stuck.
    • Play music often,  sacred earth is always a favorite.  Instantly shifts energy in the home
    • Sleep with a few crystals near by.  Have them on your office desk.  Wear them as jewelry Or place them in your pocket or even your bra!


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 space clearing and feng shui special | A Home with Soul