New Beginnings 2017 | A Home with Soul

I was relieved to see the completion of last year. It was certainly a year which personally challenged me so deeply on every level…… exposing so many emotions, vulnerabilities and realisations.

Even though you are aware that such darkness and sadness can and does pass. It is sometimes difficult to see when you are in the thick of so much life change. But when it does clear a little, and then a little more…. It is so incredible to see how much your heart has expanded; how much more grateful you become, and how humble you can feel……
And….. then… you start to see what life looks like when you are truly your authentic self, following what makes your soul happy!

So, now the year has begun, and there is certainly an energetic buzz of excitement and possibility!
Our old beliefs and patterns have been challenged, tested and deconstructed…… and now the gift of a new beginning and possibility awaits!


Where do we begin?




Use this beginning to be mindful and present in what you wish to create…..
Slow down, take a breath and really think about what it is you are wanting your life to look and feel like.

  • Action your change. Do not just manifest it on a board or sit there waiting for it to knock at your door….. GO FOR IT! Ask your self each day….. ‘what small step can I take NOW towards the life I want to live?
  • Explore the impossible. Have no limits. Be courageous and move towards opportunities and possibilities that are presented to you or that you seek. You may not know yet what you are capable of creating or being. It’s exciting to know that this year may exceed what you have once believed to be possible.
  • See with grateful eyes…… take in all the abundance and limitless bounty of energy surrounding you. Really feel it. See it…… and embrace it. Knowing it as your reality.
  • Most of all, it is a year to be authentic. To check in with your heart, your soul, your core beliefs, and live through this. As this year will be inspiring you to do so!


Feng Shui Update




Why not begin the year with a 2017 Feng Shui mini report update?
See how you can support your home further for the year ahead. And create a space which allows you to take action and thrive for 2017 and beyond!

Investment:  $220 (2 hour consultation)

All feng shui reports are personalized and use a collaboration of healing modalities and practical solutions to inspire and motivate, to live with choice and intention…..

Our world looks different when we LOVE the home we live in!
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Cleaing Spray Essentials

Space clearing is a new year must!  

Using sage and or palo santo sticks help to clear out the old and unwanted…..
Clearing sprays help to reset the current energy to a desired intention…..
Use them together to create a healing burst of potential!

Clearing Sprays | Mornington

Clearing sprays $25 each (plus postage)

Intended and made with pure oils, essences, crystals and healing techniques for personalized needs and desires…

New beginnings; abundance; peace and calm and believe, are a few of my current favorites!







Space Clearing Mornington PeninsulaSmudge & Palo Santo $20 each (plus postage)








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Don’t forget we have our 2017 New Beginnings Workshop on the 10th February 2017.

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