Flow into the joy of living 2019

2019 is an invitation to merge with life’s cycles and seasons and drift into the joie de vivre! (The joy of living) A time for allowing spaciousness for a quiet life pause, to embrace our inner ‘yin’ wisdom and potential and come home to grounded foundations.

An exciting year of magnetic connections and manifestations… sharing, networking, communicating; Stepping into a vibration of inspiration and creativity; social interactions; travel; thrive and divine expansion…..

As we come to the end of our 2018 journey, it is important to remember not to begin or concern yourself with new projects and all the details. This will only lead to new projects being built on a cloud. Let new dreams mature at this time. Look at how they can become a reality. Gather information and comparisons, data, connections. Then take solid action February 2019 with grounded foundations.

What’s written in the stars 2018 – 2019

In 2018 we were on a deep soul journey, letting go of what no longer aligned on a deeper level. We went on a  journey of change within our life and career path. Inviting new knowledge and connections to flourish. We went on a spiritual journey within our family dynamics’ and became discerning about what was right for our little family’s growth, and what was not. We discovered the true meaning of prosperity and abundance, laying new foundations of worth and support along the way. We took action in changing the way we see ourselves and we made supportive choices for our wellbeing. We said goodbye to imbalanced friendships and we spoke up to create harmony within existing relationships… We may have even got married, had a baby or build stronger family connections? We said goodbye to projects that affected our health and mental wellbeing. And we let new helpful people into our lives, including new friendships.

In 2019 we are on a journey of laying grounded life foundations. Exploring deeper the true soul meaning of prosperity and abundance. We put into action our new life path and career changes. And we look at what knowledge we feed ourselves and let go of the toxic things we are told, and tell ourselves. We create harmony and further balance in the way we are a family. And we go on a spiritual journey for the true meaning of being ‘rich’.

We communicate, network and expand in the way we see ourselves and how we connect with others. We make changes in all our relationships that are truly needed, connecting deeper to our self-worth. We invite new projects and goals, connecting with our inner child and fun! We say good-bye to helpful people that are not really ‘helpful’, and we open ourselves up to the possibility of travel and romance.

Christmas break preparation for 2019 journey…

    • Use this transition time to allow spaciousness into your day. Make room for mindful and present contemplation as to what your life purpose and intentions are in this moment…..
    • Slow down, take a breath and really feel into what you are wanting your life to look and feel like. Write it down
    • Visualize it. Step outside the box of what has always been. Dream the ‘impossible’
    • Look at how you can collaborate. Network. Unite to bring you purpose into a reality
    • Ask yourself each day….. ‘what small step can I take NOW towards creating new foundations to support my purpose and intentions?’

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