my life as a house

I loved the documentary EMBRACE… I have watched it several times with my 11-year-old daughter, and my son, who is 9.

The truth she shares about our conditioned body views and how easy it can be to see our perceived flaws. The judgment and comparisons we have on ourselves, not choosing to see all the perfectly imperfect.

The effects and power we choose to give to social media and the naysayers.  Making it ‘our story’ that we must LOOK and BE a certain way in order to fit into society’s mold.

It’s a little like our homes. And the way we may see them.  All that we ‘don’t like’.  All that we may want, but cannot have, now. Looking at the mess…. The chores to be done… the room we cant stand, the one we shut the door on. The excuses and apologies we make when we have a visitor unannounced. Or the judgment and comparisons we make after reading ‘home beautiful’ or visiting a home we admire. The wanting more – the buying more – thinking it will create the perfect home and space…. Regardless of if we know it is just a momentary illusion.



The truth is – we all have the perfect home that mirrors our life in THIS moment. If you sit and center yourself with your home – you will see it tells YOUR story. Whether your story is of current change or chaos…

Or great calm and bliss…
Of family busy or kids creative mess and wonder.
Or scattered long working days or lonely moments to spare…
It is all there. You just need to ask yourself – is THIS the story I choose for myself?
Or would I like to change my current story?
Or aspects of it?


Your home is not a space to mold into somebody else’s design or opinion. It is your abode and canvas to create a story that fits YOU, and your family in this now. Like our bodies thrive on good sleep; exercise and whole food…love and kindness…

Our homes are feeling the same!  They love to be filled with balance, thrive and de-cluttered surrounds – wholesome treasures that tell a journey of who you are and lots of light and nature to bring vitality and chi….

Your home, like your body – returns to you what you feed her with. If you fill her with love, connection and YOUR essence and intention…. She will always support you through life’s ebbs and flows.


So….Where do I begin?

Stop and connect with your home….
Look around your surrounds.
Ask…. Where is ME in this home?  our family? our choices? Our loves? Our values?
What needs to change?
What needs to go?
What is the story of intention I wish to live and create?
The authentic and real….. the essence of who I wish to be and feel….


Would you like to know more about your homes story?

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Love the space you live in


So are you ready to create a home with soul ?