2019 ‘Flow’ Consultation


$380.00 $300.00

I would like you to show how me supportive Feng Shui tips and enhancers to invite greater flow and ease in 2019…

I would like insight and advice on colour changes, symbols and placement that align with the energies of 2019….so I can harness the positive opportunities that this year brings.

Then treat my home to the whole deluxe, aromatic healing and cleansing SPACE CLEARING treatment… Ready to invite new intentions and awaken my homes potential for 2019.

I would then like you to show me how to ‘space clear’ my own home – with intention; aroma and sound, including written notes so I don’t forget… and I would like access to your ‘how to video.’

A gift of a space clearing bundle is included as a gift to you to get you started - clearing spray; plant based incense; baby sage and Palo… (valued @ $70)

(approx. 2 hours for a standard size home - $30 travel fee applies if beyond Melbourne – skype sessions available for long distance or OS)

Once you've purchased your consultation, I will be in touch to organise a date and time that suits us both.

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?