2021 — The Dawn of Change




This year is an invitation to see our home as an extension of ourselves.

To live with greater awareness and consciousness in choosing what energy we bring into our living spaces.

Come with me on a feng shui journey and merge with your environment to create a healing home. A space which holds you and your family, so you can come home to reconnect with yourselves and your intuitive compass in all emotional weather.

Each year the feng shui numerology moves its position in our homes… finding new areas to sit down and grace us with opportunities for greater growth in our lives…. 2020 created change in our health and self-worth sectors 2021 greatest change will nest in our life path and abundance sectors. 

This workshop is a home with souls annual gathering, sharing the art of Feng Shui and the wisdom of numerology.  A guide to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities the year may bring.       

 I will share with you some life tools and wisdom you can use to navigate our way through the sunny and stormy days, as well as what colours; textures; symbol’s and furnishings to bring into our home to support your journey.

If you believe your home is not just a ‘space’… then why not get your abode ready to shine brightly in 2021…  Bring along your homes floor plan, your intentions and your wisdom from 2020, And let’s look at what opportunities and awakenings 2021 will offer.

Let’s all create a home with soul….

(There will be a limited number of 10 participants per workshop for a small and intimate gathering)
What to bring: A floor plan of your home
Note: other group dates available upon request if you would like your own tribe to unite (minimum 5 maximum 10)

So are you ready to create a home with soul ?